OPEN Cleantech Investigates the Hidden Opportunities in Wastewater

Posted on Jul 21, 2017 12:15:00 PM

Treating Wastewater blog.jpgThe problems of treating wastewater are one of the major challenges the world faces as its population continues to grow – OPEN's latest fact sheet Treating Wastewater Onsite: A New Hidden Opportunity highlights the issues and solutions available.

Although a large proportion of the planet is covered with water, just 3% of it is fresh water and much of that is difficult to access. As the world’s population increases rapidly, it is becoming more important than ever to conserve and care for this vital resource.With this in mind regulations have been drawn up over the years to ensure that wastewaters, in particular those which have been used in industrial processes, are correctly treated to avoid pollution and, where possible, recycle them.

In the US alone, treatment facilities deal with around 34 billion gallons of wastewater every day, requiring large amounts of electricity. An estimated US$40 billion is spent in the US and Europe alone by authorities and industries to deal with the dirty water they have no further use for and need to dispose of.

Traditionally, businesses in the food and beverage and pharma industries and municipal authorities have been forced to bear the burden, and expense, of treating their wastewaters.

However, a new method of treatment has been discovered which can turn this heavy burden into a benefit. In the latest fact sheet, Treating Wastewater Onsite: A New Hidden Opportunity, OPEN Cleantech explores the potential of this new possibility, which will allow low strength wastewaters to be treated at lower temperatures and costs and can generate energy and even, in some cases, extra revenue for companies or municipalities.

OPEN Cleantech targets companies and projects such as these, along with a carefully selected range of other clean technology and renewable energy innovations, for inclusion in the OPEN Cleantech bond programme and OPEN Cleantech Equity Fund.

Click here for your copy of the OPEN Cleantech Wastewater fact sheet:

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