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Posted on Nov 23, 2017 1:36:00 PM

In this series of articles, we introduce the companies included in the OPEN Equity Fund portfolio, all of which have been selected not only for their promising business plans and potential earnings but also for their sustainable, environmentally friendly products or technologies.

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Solarus is a multi-award winning company that has been working in the solar power sector since 2006. Solarus manufactures highly efficient next generation concentrated solar PV-T systems.

The Solarus PowerCollector™ is a concentrating, hybrid solar photovoltaic and solar thermal collector. Concentrating means that it has a curved mirror to collect and reflect more sunlight throughout the day. Hybrid means that it combines solar photovoltaic (PV) generation of electricity with solar thermal (T) generation heat.

PowerCollector™ units harvest heat and produce electricity within one integrated collector. The curved mirror reflects sunlight onto a receiver that is covered with solar cells and has heat extraction cooling channels inside.  The result is a highly efficient power conversion ratio of 70% (50% through heat and 20% in electricity) compared to just 20% at peak power for standard PV collectors. At equal levelized cost of energy, they generate 3 times more energy on the same roof space, resulting in higher energy savings as well as carbon reduction.

The PowerCollectorsTM can either be linked to the grid or used as standalone installations for electricity generation and for heating and cooling, making them suitable for use as an adjunct to mains electricity supplies and also for developing nations or areas where grid infrastructure is not readily available.

The demand for solar power is growing fast, both in developed nations and emerging markets. It is a highly attractive solution for domestic, business and medium industrial consumers who wish to reduce their energy bills from grid suppliers or those with no grid connection.

Systems currently available are either inefficient or highly expensive and generally provide either electricity or heat but not both. This new generation PV-T technology offers a solution to customers who require both at an affordable price. In fact, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has referred to PV-T technology as the most efficient way to obtain energy from the sun.

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