Octa Light – LED Solutions Offer a Bright Future

Posted on Dec 1, 2017 12:35:12 PM

In this series of articles, we introduce the companies included in the OPEN Equity Fund portfolio, all of which have been selected not only for their promising business plans and potential earnings but also for their sustainable, environmentally friendly products or technologies.

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Octa Light is a Light Emitting Diode (LED) manufacturer, with all its research & development, manufacturing, management and light services resources based on one site, meaning it can design new products, test them, manufacture them and sell them while keeping control of the entire process.

Its product range spans the LED lighting spectrum including LED manufacture, luminaire design and construction, industrial lighting applications, lighting management services, bespoke design and manufacture of lighting systems (both low and high volume). Octa Light has a range of LED engines, enabling consumers to create bespoke LED lighting systems and can provide solutions to a very wide spectrum of lighting scenarios.

As well as this vast range, it also has a Print Circuit Board (PCB) manufacture line for use in its own products, therefore ensuring quality and cutting manufacture times.

Octa Light has also secured a process to manufacture Graphene, a transparent and flexible conductor that holds great promise for various material /device applications, such as LEDs, batteries, touch panels, solar cells, smartphones and medical materials.

The company, with their vertical integration set up, is in an ideal position to cater for every sector of the energy efficient lighting market, and is already working with major retail outlets, sports arenas, schools, municipal parks, petrol stations and other facilities.

In coming years there is expected to be a shift towards latest design luminaires for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, signage and streetlighting. These will rely (as do replacement LED lamps) on Printed Circuit Boards, meaning there is expected to be an exponential growth in demand for these too. Further sectors poised to expand are specialist design services, lighting management services, LED drivers, and R&D will be key.

Visit the OPEN Cleantech Equity Fund website for further information on the portfolio companies, as well as a host of related documents for download - factsheets, press releases, videos, term sheet, Listing Particulars, due diligence documents and more.


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