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Posted on Dec 8, 2017 8:57:00 AM

In this series of articles, we introduce the companies included in the OPEN Equity Fund portfolio, all of which have been selected not only for their promising business plans and potential earnings but also for their sustainable, environmentally friendly products or technologies.

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Hydrasyst is a visionary and innovative ceramic membrane filtration manufacturer with a successful track record and patented technology. Using a customer-centred approach to innovation, Hydrasyt helps businesses to transform the water filtration sector energy savings through sustainable water, energy and nutrient recovery solutions.

Hydrasyst also offers an integrated consultancy service that analyses specific wastewater treatment needs on a case-to-case basis, then applies the most efficient systems to optimise production line and water treatment processes. This can lead to significant water and energy – and therefore cost – savings, as well as help industries meet increasingly stringent environmental legislation.

The main sectors that can benefit from this new technology are the textile care sector (e.g. industrial laundry applications), the potato starch industry, brine management in cheese production and grey water recycling in commercial buildings.

Hydrasyst´s PurePulse™ ultra and nanofiltration technology is already a leader in the commercial laundry sector, being far superior and more sustainable than traditional filtration systems. It delivers up to 80% recycled water recovery and 50% energy savings plus higher water quality compared to competitors.

The global wastewater management industry is worth billions of pounds, and is set to rise as water becomes scarcer and demand rises. In this fast growing industry Hydrasyst is already being recognised for its technological development in reclaiming water, being awarded the BlueTech®  Research Innovation Tracker Award (USA. 2014). It also placed in the top 36 from over 220 companies in the Australian Technologies Competition, 2014.

Visit the OPEN Cleantech Equity Fund website for further information on the portfolio companies, as well as a host of related documents for download - factsheets, press releases, videos, term sheet, Listing Particulars, due diligence documents and more.

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