Concord Blue – Burning Bright for a Waste-Free Future

Posted on Dec 7, 2017 12:19:00 PM

In this series of articles, we introduce the companies included in the OPEN Equity Fund portfolio, all of which have been selected not only for their promising business plans and potential earnings but also for their sustainable, environmentally friendly products or technologies.

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Concord Blue is a waste conversion company that has invented a unique way of transforming nearly any local waste, at virtually any scale, into a clean synthetic gas (syngas).

Concord Blue Energy invented steam thermolysis, a revolutionary technology that enables the conversion of nearly any kind of organic waste into clean, sustainable products and energy. Because the waste material is heated in an oxygen-free environment – not incinerated – and captures all evolved gases as product, the conversion process produces no pollutants. Emissions result solely from generating heat for the process or optionally burning the clean, reformed syngas to produce electricity.

Concord Blue´s syngas is uniquely high in hydrogen and low in tars, and has many uses, including fuelling hydrogen vehicles and fuel cells, producing electricity, use as feedstock for green chemicals and can be upgraded to F-T liquids for low carbon fuels or converted into single cell proteins.

The Concord Blue Reformer is an Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) that uses a staged reformation process configured vertically within a tower. Biomass or waste is introduced into the Concord Blue Reformer in the Pyrolyzer, where it is heated to temperatures above 600C in an oxygen-starved environment. This process mineralises the feedstock and efficiently converts it to raw syngas and char. Refuse from the char can be oxidized for process heat while biochar can be used as a soil amendment, filer media or feedstock for upgraded activated carbon.

Whereas many other gasification or waste to energy processes directly incinerate waste or syngas generating pollution, Concord Blue´s two-stage thermolysis technology breaks down difficult tars and then strip pollutants to yield clean syngas.

If combusted for power generation, Concord Blue´s syngas is clean enough to burn in low emission gas engines or combined cycle gas turbines at demonstrated electrical efficiency 30-37% (versus 19-27& for competing technologies).

With the lowest emissions in the industry and up to twice as efficient as standard technologies, Concord Blue´s syngas exceeds all international, EPA and European regulations for renewable energies and air emissions.

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